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King Kong Organics is Going Public!

We are excited to announce, KKOG is going public on the Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE).

KKOG will be the first cannabis company to list on this global platform, creating upside potential not available in other traditional marketplaces. This historic opportunity begins on July 29, 2019 and all registered users on get preferential access to KKOG shares in three discount periods. During these periods registered users can buy KKOG shares for the following discounts: 35% (Period 1), 25% (Period 2), 15% (Period 3). On September 1, 2019, the discounts are over. KKOG shares will be traded live on the HYBSE with the ticker D-KKOG.

King Kong Organics makes Cannabis investing easy. Anyone from anywhere can instantly invest and benefit from the rising global demand in greenhouse participations.

Register here and KKOG will then make sure that your personal trading account is made available for you before the start of the first discount period.

About King Kong Organics

King Kong Organics brings cannabis investing to the masses by granting access to cannabis properties via the KKOG Cannabis Investment Platform. With a focus on Africa's Cannabis market, KKOG has signed partnerships with african countries such as South Africa and Zimbabwe. However, KKOG is not limited to Africa. It also has agreements in place in Colombia, Mongolia and Haiti (licensing, distribution, extraction). On the sales side, KKOG has recently negotiated agreements which have granted KKOG access to over 4000 pharmacies in South Africa. KKOG's focus on premium flower/oil (medical application) has a strong following in California in over 400 dispensaries. Now, KKOG's objective is to build a premium brand (incl. branded consumer products in CPG markets).

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